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Contract law.                                                                             Accounting services
Commercial agency law.                                                           Bookkeeping
Sale of goods/supply of services.                                             Tax advice
Advertising, promotion and media law.                                     Tax Returns
Regulatory controls (across a variety of industries).                 Financial and funding
Company law.                                                                            Internet security
Intellectual property.                                                                  Commercial Finance Advice
Privacy and confidentiality.                                                        Debt advice
International Law                                                                       Bankruptcy 
Dispute resolution.                                                                     Negotiations with Government and Tax Departments
Merges and acquisitions                                                            Mediation
​Employment and Iabour law.                                                      Alternative Dispute Resolution


WHAT WE DO:We represent our clients World Wide
​How we do it:
We as Commercial lawyers, Accountants and specialist Business professionals, work on a broad spectrum of transactions,

from substantial outsourcing, joint ventures and project development agreements to day-to-day manufacture, logistics/warehousing and advertising arrangements. The common element with all of these transactions for us is the drafting and negotiating of contracts, whether in their own right or as part of complex mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and financing transactions.
A typical transaction relating to a one-off contract usually involves discussing/reviewing the key commercial drivers with the client, preparing the first draft of the contract (or reviewing a draft provided by the other side), negotiating the key issues and preparing re-drafts reflecting these negotiations and finalising the mutually agreed contract. More complex transactions can involve other steps, including making sure an agreement fits within a framework of contracts.
The types of clients include small start-up businesses, local authorities, medium-sized enterprises and big well-known companies in a range of markets. We gain a real understanding of our client's business, how it works, current and future strategies and its relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. There is usually a good mix of time spent in the office and time spent out and about visiting clients and attending meetings with other lawyers.
Numbers working on a particular transaction will vary. Preparing standard terms of sale or purchase or drafting long-term supply contracts usually only involves one or two members of the commercial team, but the more substantial projects may involve teams of five or more where the commercial lawyer will draw on and project manage the expertise of colleagues in many other practice areas (such as intellectual property, employment, tax, Accounts, property and corporate structures) as well as drafting and negotiating the main contract documents. 

 BCOMLEGAL undertakes all unreserved legal work re UK Legal Services Act 2007 S(12)(1) BCOM LEGAL trades as consultants. BCOM LEGAL is not regulated by the SRA or the BSB. BCOM LEGAL provides legal and business services and do not practice as solicitor Barrister.

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