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Business Contracts
There are many contract templates available on the web. But in many cases, your business and the terms of your deal will be unique. Contracts that fail to meet your business needs (or contracts that you simply don’t understand) may let you down in the long run.
We can help you draw up contracts and offer advice to ensure your legal documentation are good. Many companies use us to find specialist help with their business contracts, including sale of goods and supply contracts, NDAs, joint venture agreements, licence agreements and distribution agreements.
Breach of Contract
Breach of contract claims can be costly, time-consuming and cause huge damage to those involved. Litigation in particular can be extremely expensive, not to mention highly stressful.
If you need help with a breach of contract claim, we can can offer advice on how to avoid litigation and resolve disputes with the minimum amount of fuss and a range of potential remedies. We are able to contact the other party on you behalf, or negotiate for you.
Employment and Freelance Contracts
For many business owners, finding the right people is difficult. be it, they’re employees, contractors or freelancers, building a strong team takes time and making sure your contracts are in place (and up to date) makes good business sense.
Whatever your needs, we  can ensure your employment and freelance contracts meet all legal requirements and include necessary clauses on everything from salary package and bonuses to flexible working arrangements and appropriate termination provisions.
Commercial Property Contracts and Leases
Commercial property contracts and leases can be complex and generally require help from experts who can deliver practical and commercial solutions .We  help landlords and businesses buying, selling and leasing commercial property,  help  with commercial property contracts, commercial lease agreements and property management agreements.

Contract Law

Taking on new customers, signing up suppliers and hiring new staff is  all part of a growing business. The contracts you sign not only contain the terms and conditions of your deal, but how to resolve disputes when they inevitably arise. Whether you’re a business owner, commercial landlord, consultant or new  startup, having a good contract lawyer on board is always a good idea.

At Bcomlegal, we specialise in contract law. Whether you need  full service ; an independent lawyer or ‘virtual’ solutions ( DIY templates to suite) lowering overheads and reducing fees - we’ve got you covered. We’ll can help you  with any type of contract law matter such as business contracts, breach of contract, employment and freelance contracts, commercial property contracts and leases.

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